Outlook Eye Specialist


At Outlook Eye Specialists vision is everything. The practice promotes cutting edge personalised and progressive eye care.  The architecture of the tenancy is developed to embody this ethos and employs vision to mark the patient’s journey through the premises. A journey marked by expansive Broadwater views revealed as one moves through waiting areas and on to consult rooms. It is a journey towards the light and water.

The reception, while highly detailed for staff, is a simple linear element that forms a plinth for a sculpture of rods, reflecting corporate colours and alluding to Broadwater views beyond. The planning of the journey to consult and procedure areas carries the vision further by placing a single loaded corridor against seaward facing glazing. Patient comfort and safety were key considerations due to their age and potential visual disability. Technical areas were highly detailed and well considered with layouts tailored to the working style of each practicing partner. Unique art, abstract photographs of the local landscape, align with interior features and provide connectivity to the locality.