Michael Hill International


Working closely with Sir Michael Hill and Lady Christine Hill, Inarc Design has been carrying out designs internationally for the jewellery stores for over nine years. Initial designs revitalised the corporate image with a new retail approach. Deep colours and rich materials were employed to create a moody atmosphere that combined with highly specialised lighting, emphasized the display and the allure of the jewellery. Displays, signage and lighting were integrated to an international design standard as the Michael Hill brand expands across North America. This standard has been incorporated into a corporate kit of parts, capable for use in a variety of tenancy settings and configurations. Applying the design guidelines created at the conceptual level new retail tenancies have been designed in a variety of settings in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America. Fine detail and lighting provide a distinguished atmosphere to enhance beauty and focus the attention on the jewellery. In addition to standard store designs, Inarc has designed a series of bespoke Flagship Michael Hill tenancies such as that at Queens Plaza, Brisbane.